They may have to work in confined spaces and in difficult conditions

An electrician is a professional who specialises in electrical wiring. This job involves the installation of new electrical components and the maintenance of existing electrical infrastructure. They may also be employed to install transmission lines and buildings. Among their many other responsibilities, an electrician can work in a wide variety of industries. In some cases, an electrician may be an independent contractor.

Electricians must be adaptable to changing environments and working conditions. They may have to work in confined spaces and in difficult conditions. They may also need to work late into the night in order to repair power systems. They also have to learn new tasks quickly. In addition, they must be able to apply their building-block skills to a new technological environment.

In addition to wiring homes, electricians work in power grids, ensuring that there are no problems with equipment. They also test electrical components and troubleshoot electrical problems. They also maintain the equipment and installation. An electrician may also work on construction sites, installing electricity into new buildings. Construction electricians usually work for several weeks. They must be able to follow blueprints, and they also need to be adept in climbing.

An electrician must be licensed in order to practice his profession legally. This license is mandatory in most states, and requires an examination that demonstrates superior knowledge of the National Electrical Code.

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